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Published date: October 19, 2022

Why buy an Electric Vehicle

Why buy an Electric Vehicle

In 2022, Americans are asking themselves the essential question: is it time to make the switch to an electric vehicle? The answer is yes! In terms of cost, comfort, and environmental responsibility, switching to an EV is one of the best decisions to make for a conscious consumer.

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Is it Finally Time to Look for an Electric Vehicle?

Electric vehicles have been a hot topic in the last few years, and they very much live up to their hype. In three major categories that many consumers consider when buying a car — cost, comfort, and environmental factors — an electric vehicle wins in every way.

How Much Can I Save by Driving an Electric Car?

There are two major factors that make driving an electric car considerably cheaper than driving a gas-powered car— maintenance costs and fuel (charging with electricity).

What is the Cost of Maintenance of an EV?

EVs end up being a cheaper option in the long run because they have less moving parts. Gasoline powered cars typically have oil pumps, gas pumps, water pumps, exhaust systems, smog controls, a carburetor, and other elements of an engine that are often susceptible to damage or being overworked. This means more trips to the mechanic for replacement and maintenance, more money down the drain, and more time away from loved ones.

In contrast, the main systems of an EV are just an onboard charger, a battery, a controller, and a motor. After making the move to an EV, you will never have to pay for another oil change, tune-up, fluid flush, or replacements of engine filters, drive belts, timing belts, and exhaust systems. With a simpler control system, electric cars are often more reliable and require less trips to the mechanic, saving money and time.

What is the Cost of Charging an EV?

Additionally, a big selling point for EVs is their lower cost to charge. Using the average cost per kilowatt each hour in the United States ($0.12), drivers can expect to spend $40 a month in energy costs to charge their EV (check out Lectrium's EV charging calculator to find out exactly how much you can expect to pay). Compared to spending upwards of $300 a month just for commuting to and from work, an electric vehicle is clearly the cheaper long-term option.

Is it Comfortable to Drive an Electric Car?

Electric vehicles do not have a noisy combustion engine, therefore they provide a quieter and smoother ride than gasoline powered vehicles. Many electric cars also include autopilot or driving-assist features, which can help you relax behind the wheel knowing that there are multilayered systems in place to keep you safe on the road.

Is Driving an Electric Car Good for the Environment

As climate change and its effects on the economic and social livelihoods of billions of people become more apparent, it is important to consider how one can minimize their impact on the environment. Driving an electric vehicle releases zero emissions into the atmosphere and does not contribute directly to the rising level of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

Additionally, many Electric vehicles are manufactured using recycled materials, ensuring sustainable practices that reduce landfill waste. For people who are conscious about their footprint on the earth, owning an electric vehicle is a small step that one can take to protect the environment and keep the world healthy.

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