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EV Savings

Show customers the true cost of owning an electric vehicle directly from your Vehicle Detail Pages

Reveal undiscovered EV savings to your customers

Show customers tailored federal tax incentives, state rebates and fuel cost savings for each VIN featured on your VDPs.

Capture leads by educating customers about electric vehicle rebate and incentive programs at the state and federal level.

Our EV savings badge works on all EVs and PHEVs, new and used cars, and can be customized to your dealership or OEM brand guidelines.

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Convert more EV shoppers into EV buyers

By highlighting EV savings directly on your VDPs, educate and help customers make a quicker, more informed decision

Convert views into buyers

Provide your customers with accurate tax and fuel cost information to help them make an informed decision faster

Tailored for your inventory

Show tailored savings specific to each electric and plug-in hybrid VIN featured on your website

Show true cost of EVs

Allow your customers to interactively adjust ownership period to see how their EV savings change over time

Dealerships love working with Lectrium

- M'Kay, Sales Manager at BMW of Idaho Falls

BMW of Idaho Falls is a premier electric vehicle dealership near Yellowstone National Park and Jackson Wyoming

BMW of Idaho Falls has found great success selling EVs in the challenging market of Idaho. With the help of Lectrium we have been able so showcase potential savings customers can expect when they make the change to an EV right on our website. We have found Lectrium to be great productive partner in our quest to evolve with the ever-changing EV marketplace.

We are trusted across the US

  • 200+ dealership rooftops in 25 states representing every brand

  • EVs and PHEVs. New and Used. If it's electric, Lectrium helps sell it

  • Best-in-class data on EV specifications, federal guidelines and state programs updated in real time

Meet Lectrium

Lectrium works with 200+ forward thinking dealerships

Empower EV shoppers to make a better decision

By highlighting EV savings directly on the VDP, Lectrium educates EV shoppers and sales staff


EV badge users spent more than 10 seconds on the badge


consumer and sales staff interactions with Lectrium EV dealer products


average undiscovered EV savings per 5-year ownership period!

Unlock the power of EV knowledge and data

We have built our own proprietary EV knowledge database and internal EV and PHEV inventory management system to better address dealership EV needs and challenges.

Whether you are at the forefront of EV adoption or just beginning your journey, Lectrium is equipped to be your EV partner.

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