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Lucid Air Grand Touring: Driving Impressions & Review

Meet the Lucid Air Grand Touring! Our EV expert PJ took this beauty out for a spin and provided his firsthand impressions. From its high-tech interior features to its graceful exterior, he covered it all. Keep reading to learn more.

Front hood of the Lucid Air Grand Touring

What is the Lucid Air Grand Touring like to drive?

The Lucid Air Grand Touring is a mega luxury cruiser. It has a pure electric powertrain and smooth suspension, which creates for an easy (and fun) driving experience. For the performance-oriented, however, firm steering and precise handling yield a sporty feel. A grippy steering wheel makes the car especially nice to handle. The Lucid Air Grand Touring includes various safety features sure to please any driver. These features include: Level 2 assisted driving system (similar to Tesla’s Autopilot feature), blind spot monitoring, lane keeping assist and multiple cameras to keep track of your surroundings.

Performance-wise, the Lucid Air Grand Touring is fast! It can go from 0-60mph in a whopping 3 seconds, and can generate a mighty 819 horsepower. It is also equipped with a strong regenerative braking system, to help maximize driving range.

The interior is downright gorgeous. A beautiful, extensive display screen spans the dashboard and jewel-like air vents allow for smooth air circulation. There are hard buttons to regulate temperature, your fan speed and radio volume. The control screen also allows you to do everything from managing the massage function on your seat to adjusting your side mirrors and steering wheel (all power-operated, of course). On the exterior, the Lucid Air Grand Touring has a graceful appearance, with a svelte look that maximizes aerodynamics.

See PJ’s live impressions on our YouTube channel!

Battery specs for the Lucid Air Grand Touring

But what about the battery? The Lucid Air Grand Touring has the following battery capabilities:

  • Range: 469 miles
  • Battery size: 112 kWh
  • Efficiency: 4.19 miles / kWh

These numbers are impressive. Its range alone can take you from New York City to Boston and back without needing to recharge!

What are the charging times on the Lucid Air Grand Touring?

Charging time is ultimately dependent upon the type of charger used. When charging the Lucid Air Grand Touring from 20% to 80% the numbers are as follows:

  • Level 1: ~37 hours
  • Level 2: ~3.5 hours
  • Level 3: <30 minutes

Want to learn more about the Lucid Air or other electric vehicles? Check out our EV pages to get the specs and features for over 50 models available in the U.S. today.

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