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Published date: June 21, 2024

The Second Wave of Dealership Electrification is Powered by Lectrium

The Second Wave of Dealership Electrification is Powered by Lectrium

Many dealerships have had electric vehicles in their inventory for years, installed Level 3 DC fast chargers, and completed staff training. However, days supply remains higher than ICE inventory, and EV margins are slim-to-none.

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Electric vehicles remain in a challenging sales environment, but are also a growing percentage of total vehicle sales as more and more Americans will continue to consider an electric vehicle as their next car.

Right now, some of the savviest dealerships are implementing the second wave of tools and processes to enable sales, internet and BDC teams to market and sell their EVs and PHEVs. One of the key strategies involves enhancing Electric Vehicle Detail Pages (EVDPs) with relevant information like range maps, EV savings estimations, and detailed insights into batteries and charging capabilities, so that EV shoppers can make more informed purchasing decisions.

By improving and customizing the information for consumers as they navigate through their electric car shopping journey, dealerships are empowering buyers to make informed decisions with confidence, while setting themselves up for longer-term success when selling EVs.

Lectrium has some big announcements in store for the upcoming months…maybe you can guess what they are! In the meantime, check out three of our dealership products available for any dealer looking for supplementary tools to help them sell more EVs:

EV Savings Badge: Reveal undiscovered EV savings to your customers

EV Sales Buddy: Answer EV questions in seconds with this in your EV hub!

EV Range Map: Tackle EV shopper range anxiety with a real map

At the end of the day, EVs are here to stay…

Ready to take advantage of this second wave of electrification? Hop on a demo with our team and we will give you a live example of how these tools look on your dealership website.

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