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Published date: May 20, 2024

The Second Wave of Dealership Electrification

The Second Wave of Dealership Electrification

As the auto industry speeds towards an electric future, dealerships face a second wave of electrification. The first wave laid the groundwork with infrastructure and education; now, the focus is on electrifying dealership assets, websites, and processes to meet the rising demands of EV consumers.

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The rise of the EVDP

Dealerships are revamping their digital presence and internal operations to cater to the needs of prospective EV buyers. One of the key strategies involves enhancing Electric Vehicle Detail Pages (EVDPs) with crucial information like range maps, EV savings estimations, and detailed insights into batteries and charging capabilities. By customizing information for consumers as they navigate through the electric car shopping journey, dealerships are empowering buyers to make informed decisions with confidence.

Lectrium offers multiple plug-ins and iFrames for dealership VDPs which highlight this relevant information, and offers this info on popular dealership websites like Dealer.com, Dealer Inspire, Dealer On, Ancira, Dealer eProcess, Team Velocity and more.


Now, many dealership websites also include an “EV Hub” with information on charging and general EV ownership tips and tricks. Explaining charging options, both at home and in public, to offering guidance on navigating federal tax credits, state rebates, and utility-based incentives, dealerships are becoming invaluable partners in the electrification journey. By equipping consumers with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the unique landscape of EV ownership, dealerships are fostering a supportive environment conducive to widespread adoption.

Lectrium’s EV Sales Buddy, for example, sits on dealership EV hubs and is a place for consumers and sales staff to answer relevant questions about a specific electric vehicle in one place, such as charging times, range, financial incentives and savings, and more.


Answering range questions in the dealership with software

Simple words often fall short in answering complex questions, especially when this involves educating consumers on a new product such as an electric vehicle. When it comes to discussing the range of an EV, knowing the EPA range number is one thing, but showing a customer that they can drive to and from work and school on a round trip comfortably may be the final closing point you need to sell that EV.

Enter Lectrium’s Range Map. This tool lives on dealership EVDPs as well, and visualizes range for consumers based on their zip code and specific vehicle.


In conclusion, the second wave of dealership electrification marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the automotive industry. By understanding the importance of electrifying assets, websites, and processes, dealerships are not only adapting to the shifting landscape but also improving the way they sell a new, innovative product sitting on their lots. As more consumers choose to go electric, dealerships can be the first point-of-contact to guide and support them every step of the way, ushering in an era of cleaner, greener transportation for generations to come.

For dealerships looking to improve EV sales, let’s book a meeting: https://www.lectrium.com/

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