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Published date: June 20, 2024

The Meaning of VDP and SRP in Automotive

The Meaning of VDP and SRP in Automotive

Discover the best automotive website providers, learn about average cost per lead in the EV space, and explore VDP tools to boost sales. Lectrium offers EV best practices for dealerships transitioning to EVs. Let's discuss how to reach your EV goals.

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The VDP, or “Vehicle Detail Page”, is the page on a dealership website where all car features, pricing and photos can be found and explored. The SRP, or “Search Results Page”, is the location where all cars can be browsed, usually by filtering certain features.

Which are the best automotive website providers?

All website providers have VDPs and SRPs. Our list of the best Automotive website providers includes:

Average cost per lead in the EV space

The “cost per lead” numbers for electric vehicles vary significantly. We have worked with dealerships achieving a cost per lead lower than $10, but these are often not the best quality leads. Currently, a more normalized cost per lead for electric vehicles is between $30-$50, and for less desirable inventory, can be much higher.

Cost per lead is directly related to cost per sale. All else equal, having a lower cost per lead will result in more leads, which will result in more sales!

VDP tools for dealerships to sell more EVs

Lectrium offers a suite of VDP tools for dealerships to sell more electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. Browse our EV tools on our website, they include EV savings badges, EV range maps, and more:

Dealership EV digital marketing webinars

Lectrium hosts webinars on best practices in EV marketing. Look out for our next webinar on our website.

In the meantime, let’s chat! For dealerships looking to improve EV sales, we’d love to connect and discuss how we could help you reach your EV goals.

We have a list of best practices for dealerships transitioning to EVs. Hit us up if you’d like to chat about these ideas, tools, and processes.

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