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Published date: February 2, 2023

NADA Show 2023: EVs and EV charging solutions everywhere

NADA Show 2023: EVs and EV charging solutions everywhere

“How can I help my dealership transition to EVs and deliver the best customer experience possible to EV buyers?” was a question being discussed in detail at NADA Show 2023. Check out our founders thoughts from the conference!

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At the NADA Show 2023, the spotlight was undeniably on EVs and EV charging solutions. Lectrium’s founders, Peter Barba and Zygimantas Zabieta were in Dallas to discuss the future of EVs with dealerships. Interested in EV charging solutions insights? Reach out directly to Peter or Zygimantas at or

How can I comply with OEM-suggested EV upgrades?

Each OEM is different, but most are beginning to segment dealerships into two or three categories: dealers who are willing to invest in upgrading their store’s EV infrastructure, and those who will not.

The up-front cost for a dealership can be upwards of $1,000,000 when purchasing Level 2 and Level 3 EV charging hardware and the associated costs of installing this hardware.

Lectrium is here to provide guidance through this process & recommend creative solutions to reach these goals without breaking the bank. Book a meeting here.

How do I deliver a great EV buying experience to customers?

EV buyers are different than traditional ICE buyers. EV buyers are conducting a great deal of research on things like range, battery size, charging speeds, and other EV-specific nuances. In order to sell to today’s EV buyer, dealerships and their sales personnel need to speak the EV language and truly understand EV charging solutions. Salespeople should be able to answer questions like:

  • What is the range of this EV?
  • How large is the battery size in kWh?
  • What is the charging time on a Level 2 charger in my home?
  • How do I get a Level 2 charger installed?
  • What are the plug differences between this and a Tesla?
  • Does this used Tesla have FSD?
  • How does public charging work?

Further, dealerships and their sales teams should have trusted partnerships to recommend EV charging hardware and installation for your customers to ensure they have every question answered and the best possible experience with their EV.

Can I sell Level 2 chargers to my customers?

Yes, you can. Lectrium can recommend various hardware options for you to buy and re-sell to your customers. Alternatively, you can direct your customers to Lectrium, where we can handle their Level 2 hardware and home installation needs.

EV sales training for dealerships

Learning the nuances of EVs and their batteries is challenging. You can book a consultation with Lectrium here. We are happy to train dealerships and staff on the best answers to all EV-related questions, to provide EV FAQ guides to dealership sales teams, and to prepare the best EV sales staff for the future.


At NADA in Dallas this year, there was an entire segment dedicated to EVs called the EV Solutions Center at NADA. Here, speakers discussed everything EV, ranging from how to communicate EV charging solutions to how to integrate EV packages into the F&I department.

Lectrium is here to be a partner and resource. As always, reach out to or to discuss partnerships and make everyone EV-ready.

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