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Level 2 EV charging at home: benefits and satisfaction

68% of American EV drivers use mounted Level 2 EV chargers at home. JD Power’s study shows that home charging satisfaction improves when upgrading from a Level 1 charger (561 score) to Level 2 charging (740). Level 2 chargers charge cars faster, but there are other benefits to consider too.

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Why 60% of Level 1 charging users plan to switch to Level 2 charging

Charging Speeds

  • Level 1 chargers only deliver ~1.2 kW of power to an EV. Imagine an EV with a 80 kWh battery. Yes, your calculations are correct, a Level 1 charger would take 66 hours to charge this EV from 0 - 100%. Insane!
  • Level 2 chargers deliver upwards of 11.5 kW, and leave EV drivers with full batteries every single morning
  • To compare how long different EV models take to charge with Level 1 vs Level 2 chargers, check out our EV range calculator


  • Having a wall-mounted EV charging unit at home is ideal, as the cable management allows EV drivers to keep their garages clean and organized. Level 1 chargers are constantly on the floor of the garage and get dirty, while Level 2 chargers can have their cables wrapped in an organized fashion to prevent tripping and keep a garage looking tidy
  • Level 1 chargers are best kept inside the EV, and only used in cases of emergency when the EV is in a different location that has no charging stations. These devices are portable, and come in handy best in a pinch!

Smart Capabilities

  • Level 2 chargers can be controlled by an app to ensure they only charge at certain times of day, or only fill an EV battery up to the desired level. With smart charging, users can also save money by ensuring the EV only chargers when electricity prices are below a certain threshold

Rebate Programs

  • Level 2 charging stations are eligible for the U.S. federal tax credit, giving homeowners 30% off of a charging station plus installation costs (up to $1,000). There are eligibility requirements, and this must be claimed on a tax return. Contact Lectrium and fill out our survey for more details.
  • Additionally, utilities are expanding their rebate and smart charging programs for EV drivers to enroll their chargers into demand response programs. Again, Lectrium is happy to help if you take our survey and let us know which utility you currently buy electricity from.

How can I get an electric car charger installed at home?

Answer 7 quick questions about your home & submit a photo of your electrical panel to receive a quote for your EV charger installation. Get started here!

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