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How does EV adoption contribute to saving the planet?

The transportation sector produces more CO2 than any other sector in the US. We do not have either plan B or planet B. Therefore, we need to take action to mitigate our impact on climate change before it is too late. Electric vehicles are one of the answers and this is why.

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Which sector is responsible for the most CO2 emissions?

The Energy Information Administration reports that, in 2021, CO2 emissions from the transportation sector in the United States totaled 1.75 BMT. This is more than any other sector in the economy. If you look closer into the numbers, you will see that motor gasoline is responsible for 58% of the total CO2 emissions of the transport sector.

What progress has been made in reducing emissions in different sectors?

All the other sectors have been showing progress in reducing emissions. The energy sector is improving by massively adopting renewable energy and phasing out the most polluting sources of electricity. It has a positive spillover effect on decreasing emissions in the commercial sector which is heavily dependent on electricity use.

The residential sector has been reducing emissions too. People are becoming more cautious about their energy usage; they invest in solar panels for their roofs and are buying appliances with high energy efficiency. The most forward-thinking part of the population is installing smart home energy management systems which are now becoming affordable to the general population.

However, the transportation sector has not been as successful in reducing emissions given the fact that the most important source of its emission is not electricity production but motor gasoline. We believe that the transition from gas cars to EVs will play a significant role in reducing these transportation sector emissions.

What are the positive environmental aspects of electric vehicles?

For Lectrium, electric vehicles (EVs) are just the first step towards a more sustainable future. First of all, electric cars have zero direct emissions. It has a direct positive impact on air pollution in cities and indirect positive pollution on our health because we breathe fresher air.

Secondly, EV motors are much more efficient than gas car engines and use less energy to travel the same distance. A lot of energy produced by burning the fuel in the internal combustion engine is wasted as heat. With EVs on the roads, there will not only be fewer heat emissions but also less noise.

How is Lectrium contributing to EV adoption?

First of all, we have a mission to make every home EV-read by helping people to get an EV charger installed in their homes. We have reinvented old and outdated electrician processes by digitizing the experience of getting a quote from a trusted and certified local electrician. You can find our survey here.

Secondly, we know that people do a lot of research before switching to EVs. Therefore, we are filling our EV knowledge hub full of valuable resources for anyone considering purchasing an EV. The following resources will help you to switch to an EV:

  1. Check how much you save if you switched to an EV by using our fuel cost calculator.
  2. Read about every new electric vehicle available in the US market on our EV pages.
  3. Find an EV for sale close to your home on our EV listing page. We expand our network of dealership partners every day adding more and more vehicles.
  4. Once you have an EV you will need a charger for your home. You can buy one directly from us on our e-commerce page.
  5. Finally, fill out the survey about your house and we will send you a quote and match you with a certified local electrician.

Lectrium’s Environmental Manifesto

We know that our work is just a small piece of a puzzle, yet it will have a major impact on reducing not only overall CO2 emissions but air, noise, and heat pollution too. Furthermore, the most important attribute of EV transition is our behavioral change. Owning an EV shapes us into more responsible human beings, who understand the value of a kilowatt. Eventually, this transition will transcend to other parts of our lives, especially how we use energy at home.

Let’s take action for our planet, let’s make it EV-ready!

Find our Environmental Manifesto here.

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