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EV Charging etiquette. ICE ICE Baby

EV Charging etiquette. ICE ICE Baby

As we transition into the world of full battery electric vehicles, Americans are reinventing their transportation reality. With a new set of driving habits comes a new set of manners which will usher in the age of EVs in a positive manner for all drivers.

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Table of contents

Public EV charging do’s and don’ts


  • Plan ahead to ensure you reach your destination without anxiety
  • Charge your EV to its recommended level (normally 80%), not necessarily back up to 100%!
  • Try to plan charging stops for where you eat and sleep, as this will reduce wasted time
  • Record any problems you experience on X (fka Twitter) or with the charging provider itself


  • Figure out charging stops later; make sure to plan your routes!
  • Charge your EV up to 100% when a lot of other people are waiting for the charger. Charging the last few % takes much more time!
  • Unplug others who are actively charging. There are often extra fees for those who are up to 100% and still plugged in.

Apartment parking EV charging do’s and don’ts


  • Understand the rate structure at your apartment so you are not surprised by large costs
  • Set timers to remind yourself to remove your EV once finished charging
  • Lobby your building to install more chargers & charging spaces
  • Offer to install your own charger in your parking space if it makes sense


  • Leave your EV for days parked in EV-only parking spots
  • Unplug other’s vehicles who are in the middle of charging
  • Damage EV charging plugs by leaving them on the floor
  • Pay full price for peak charging rates when off-peak rates may be just around the corner!

What to do if my EV is ICE’d?

If a non-EV or EV that does not need to be charged is parked in an EV-only charging spot and is not charging, well, sorry but you have been ICE’d. In this situation, you could:

  • Attempt to alert the driver of the vehicle
  • Alert the business or property owner
  • Notify the charging provider (Tesla, Chargepoint, Rivian, Blink, etc.)
  • Stay calm
  • This is an easy situation to lose your cool, but we recommend searching for other chargers and directing your energy towards policy change. Work to make it a financial penalty to park in EV-only spots, similar to how it is frowned upon to park in disabled spots.

Is it okay to charge my EV at a family or friend’s house?

While it is certainly fine to do so, make sure you and your friend or family member understand how much electricity you are using and what this electricity costs. Some EVs have 100 kWh batteries, and with the cost of electricity $0.20 in some areas, this could quickly be a $20 addition to someone’s electricity bill. It may be a good idea to treat this family member or friend to dinner if you find yourself constantly filling up on their dime!

Is it ethical to charge my EV at an Airbnb?

Charging at an Airbnb should be handled with transparency and trust with the host. As a guest, you should know that charging your EV or PHEV could add $10-$20 per night in electricity costs for the host. We recommend alerting and asking the host if you are allowed to charge your vehicle, and potentially even offering to pay a bit extra to cover their heightened electricity costs.

Where can I learn more?

To reduce charging anxiety and control your own destiny at home, get a charging station installed here:

Remember, you can shop chargers here as well:

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