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Published date: May 20, 2024

Enhancing Transparency on VDPs and Competing Against Tesla

Enhancing Transparency on VDPs and Competing Against Tesla

In the digital age of automotive retail, the Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) serves as the virtual showroom where consumers make critical purchasing decisions. Dealerships need to provide comprehensive information on savings directly where shoppers are.

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Competing Against Tesla

When it comes to data, Tesla has it all. But when it comes to transparency, criticisms of how Tesla shows price inclusive of federal and state incentives and 5-year fuel savings have been common. See below for what we are talking about…


Dealerships CAN and SHOULD learn from this lesson: Having the data on federal and state tax incentives DOES help sell vehicles. However, this information needs to be shown transparently.

Enter: Lectrium EV Savings Badge

Lectrium’s EV Savings Badge, live on over 100 dealership websites across the United States, is showcasing this information in a transparent and customizable way so dealers can compete against Tesla.


By integrating Lectrium's EV savings badge directly onto the VDP, dealerships can enhance transparency and empower consumers with a clear understanding of the financial benefits associated with electric vehicle ownership. Placing this information below the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) or retail price signals to consumers that these savings are potential benefits they may qualify for, rather than guaranteed discounts.

Moreover, presenting these savings in a transparent manner underscores the dealership's commitment to providing consumers with accurate and actionable information to inform their purchasing decisions. Whether it's highlighting the potential fuel savings over the lifetime of the vehicle or detailing the available federal and state tax incentives, transparently showcasing these savings on the VDP fosters trust and confidence in the dealership's offerings.

In today's digital-driven automotive market, the VDP serves as the frontline battleground where dealerships compete for consumers' attention and loyalty. By leveraging Lectrium's EV savings badge to illuminate the financial advantages of electric vehicle ownership directly on the VDP, dealerships can stand out amidst the competition and empower consumers to embark on their electrified journey with confidence and clarity.

Book a demo with Lectrium to add the EV Savings Badge to your VDPs. It works for every New and Used EV and PHEV!

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