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Charging a non-Tesla on the Tesla supercharger network will be easy soon

Tesla has finally agreed to make 7,500 chargers available for all electric vehicles by the end of 2024. This is due to a broader policy effort by the Biden administration to establish a national network of universal EV chargers across the U.S. Learn more here.

Tesla Supercharger station

How will it work to charge a non-Tesla on the Tesla superchargers?

Until now, Tesla’s superchargers have only been accessible to Tesla drivers. This is because it uses a proprietary charger connector that only Tesla vehicles can use, similar to how Apple has a specific charger for their iPhones. Soon, under Biden’s new EV charging standards, the Tesla superchargers built for universal use will include a “combined charging system” (CCS) connector and a smartphone-friendly payment system.

If you’re a non-Tesla driver looking to charge your EV, you will soon be able to do so on the road by accessing the Tesla app or website. While Tesla superchargers have been accessible to non-Tesla drivers in Europe for months now, this will be the first time in the U.S. that they are opened. The Tesla Supercharger Network is the highest rated fast DC charger in the U.S. according to J.D. Power’s EV Experience Public Charging Satisfaction Study. Learn more about this study here.

How much funding will Tesla get from the White House for opening up the supercharger network?

By committing to opening up their charger network, Tesla now qualifies for a share of federal subsidies under the $2.5 billion federal program. Other companies who have also committed to building universal chargers and will benefit from these federal subsidies include General Motors, Ford, Hertz and ChargePoint.

How many Tesla superchargers are in the USA?

Currently in the U.S. there are 1,664 fast DC charger stations that host over 17,700 individual charging ports. This is more than double their closest competitor, Electrify America, who only has 826 stations across the country. Out of the 7,500 chargers Tesla has committed to build by the end of 2024, 3,500 of them will be fast DC chargers. The other 4,000 chargers will be Level 2 chargers mostly for residential use.

How often do EV drivers use public chargers?

EV drivers are most likely to use public chargers when they are on long road trips or for quick visits to public spaces, such as grocery stores or shopping malls. While charging from home is still the most common form of EV charging, fast DC chargers are necessary when you’re away from home or if you do not have good at-home charging options available.

If you own an EV and have access to a private garage or driveway, level 2 charging will be the most convenient form of charging.

Ready to find your Level 2 charger? Check out our selection of chargers for your home and take our survey to schedule your installation.

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