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Published date: June 19, 2024

Beating Tesla at its own game

Beating Tesla at its own game

For too long, Tesla has been hiding true MSRP to show EV shoppers a not-so-clear discounted price for their vehicles. Let’s take a closer look at how dealerships can address this challenge and present EV savings in a more transparent and informative way.

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What is Tesla doing?

Tesla has been hiding true MSRP to show EV shoppers a not-so-clear discounted price, which includes federal credits, state credits and fuel savings:

Actual MSRP

  • Less federal credit: $7,500
  • Less state incentive: $500
  • Less fuel savings: $3,600

= price after probable savings shown to customers

For example, the pricing on this Model Y:

"Price after probable savings" for a Tesla Model Y in New York
Tesla's "Price after probable savings" on a Tesla Model Y

What can dealers do to combat this?

While Tesla has been called out for their lack of transparency, this information does show a deep understanding of the possible savings available when it comes to selling electric vehicles. No doubt, this financial savings data and information is helpful to shoppers when shown transparently.

Lectrium’s EV Savings Badge allows dealers to show these savings in a clear and informative way on their DDC, Dealer Inspire, Team Velocity, Dealer eProcess, Dealer On, etc. websites.

Additionally, the Badge also converts shoppers into leads once they check their personal eligibility for the federal tax credit through the Badge's eligibility form.

Over 100 dealership websites have added the EV Savings Badge. Add your group in July to begin out-competing Tesla in your area!

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