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Published date: June 21, 2024

60% of EV owners will not go back to an ICE vehicle

60% of EV owners will not go back to an ICE vehicle

According to a McKinsey study, 60% of EV buyers will not go back to a gas car. We believe one of the main reasons for this is due to the savings available to electric vehicle owners.

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From federal tax incentives, to state rebates and ongoing fuel cost savings, EVs can be affordable, and current EV owners know this.

But, how can you make sure current car shoppers know this too? Here are two simple ways to highlight EV savings to your customers.

1. Tailor EV Savings

Each electric vehicle make and model has its own set of incentives, rebates and fuel savings available. With over 100 EV and PHEV models available in the U.S. today, keeping track of the savings for each car in your inventory can get messy.

Instead, Lectrium has built the EV Savings Badge which tailors financial savings for each VIN in your inventory, including federal tax incentives, state rebates and fuel cost savings over time. Placed on the Vehicle Detail Page (VDP), the EV Savings Badge is interactive and helps EV shoppers get a clear sense of the real cost of purchasing and owning an electric vehicle.

Stop making customers do the math themselves, and book a demo with our team to see how the Badge improves EV customer experience.

2. Determine EV-readiness

Not every American is ready for an electric vehicle. However, there are tools to help car shoppers determine their “EV-readiness” and make a quicker, more informed decision during the car purchasing process.

With our EV Sales Buddy and EV Range Map, your customers can narrow down if an electric vehicle is right for them.

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Have big EV targets for Q3? Let’s have a conversation about your electric inventory and discuss how we can help you reach those goals.

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