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EV Buyers are Different. List with Lectrium for Access.

EV Buyers are Different. List with Lectrium for Access.

Target an engaged audience of EV shoppers who are actively researching their next vehicle with Lectrium

Data-driven EV listings platform

Data-driven EV listings platform

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    Get listed on an EV/PHEV-only listings platform

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    Gain more views & traction from EV buyers

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    Equip your sales staff with EV selling materials

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    Receive high quality leads ⚡️

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Attract high quality leads

Attract high quality leads

70-80% of EV buyers conduct online research on range, charging infrastructure, and battery technology before purchasing an electric vehicle.

Our EV-focused content and listings platform makes sure our audience is ready to make a decision the moment they step into your dealership.

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Lectrium has prepared an Ultimate EV Sales Guide for dealerships. Stay ahead of the curve, boost customer satisfaction and drive your EV sales up!

Our 4-page easy-to-read sales guide is sent to you as a PDF or can be printed & shipped directly to your dealership. Fill out the form to get access.


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