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Published date: December 13, 2023

Lectrium’s EV Readiness Roadmap: Your Guide to Going Electric

Lectrium’s EV Readiness Roadmap: Your Guide to Going Electric

Purchasing an EV is not as simple as just buying the vehicle. There are new considerations and actions that need to be taken in order to maximize your experience with this new technology.

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Research into lifestyle and total cost of ownership, EV charging preparation, and smart usage are some of the main considerations that, when done properly, make owning an EV one of the most rewarding experiences possible. Lectrium has built a guide to help homeowners through this EV journey.

What is the EV Readiness Roadmap?

Our EV Readiness Roadmap is an interactive guide designed to assist anyone who is interested in purchasing an electric car or seeking ways to optimize their electric vehicle ownership experience. The roadmap highlights three stages along the EV journey: choosing the right electric vehicle, getting your home set-up for an EV and connecting your EV, charger and home to allow for smarter control of your electric ecosystem.

Whether you’re just at the beginning of your journey or farther along, there’s something for you. We’ve even incorporated the ability to track your progress and research all from our EV Readiness Roadmap. Move along the journey at your own pace, and discover the best solutions for you as you go.

Choosing the Right EV: Research & Fit for Going Electric

The electric journey begins with selecting the right vehicle that fits your preferences and lifestyle. With over 200 electric vehicle models to choose from in the U.S., Lectrium recognizes that consumers have been inundated with not only more vehicle choices, but also a new transportation mode not previously available to them.

Common questions when making the switch to an EV are: Is there an EV that meets my needs from a comfort and lifestyle basis? For example, a family with 4 children needs an EV with at least 6 seats! Secondly, will the range and charging experience of this EV improve my life, or make life more difficult? Whether charging at home on a Level 2 charger, or looking into public DC fast charging options, we hope to assist with information and examples.

Another major consideration is total cost of ownership. The cost of an EV should factor in tax credits and potential fuel savings to make an informed and financially savvy decision about how much the switch to an EV will cost (or save) you!

Lastly, our dedicated EV marketplace aggregates available electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) models from various dealerships across the U.S. This allows you to pursue your electric journey by browsing and finding the perfect EV match for your needs. If the dealership you want to buy from is not listing with Lectrium, or you are going the DTC EV route, let us know!

Getting your home EV-ready: Home Assessment & Level 2 Charging

One of the most important (and novel) parts of the EV journey is understanding how you will charge the vehicle. For most EV owners, the easiest way to charge is from the convenience of their own home. J.D. Power shows that 84% of all EV charging in fact happens from home. In this guide, we will help you find and install a Level 2 home charger that is right for your EV or PHEV.

Through our installation platform, electricians help ensure your home is equipped to handle the power needs of your new electric vehicle through our EV charger installation process. Our electrician partners assess your home's EV-readiness, guide you in understanding your electrical requirements, and assist you in selecting the perfect Level 2 charging station for your car. Additionally, Lectrium takes the hassle out of the installation process, providing valuable insights into potential rebates and tax credits, ultimately saving you both time and money throughout your electric vehicle ownership journey.

An example of the nuance provided is knowing your vehicle’s onboard charger and your panel’s available capacity. In knowing these factors, you are able to select and install a Level 2 charger with the proper amperage which will provide the right amount of power (kW) to your EV or PHEV. Secondly, factoring in smart charging considerations and use cases will lead to a charger recommendation suited for your lifestyle, home, and vehicle.

Connecting Your Electric Ecosystem: Unleashing the Power of your EV

Beyond the vehicle purchase and charger installation, there are ways in which your electric experience can be taken to the next level by allowing you to seamlessly connect your ‘electric ecosystem’. The Electric Ecosystem is the future, and our products for smart management and charging are not yet ready. However, join our waitlist to stay tuned on these features, and how we plan to work with vehicle telematics, open charge point protocol and utilities to maximize your EV experience.

Join our waitlist and stay tuned for the launch of this product, which is committed to taking EV ownership to the next level by helping drivers save on electricity costs, ensuring optimal battery performance and effortlessly overseeing your charging experience.

Let’s Ride (Electric)!

Are you ready to take charge of your electric journey? Use our EV Readiness Roadmap to start (or continue!) your electric journey. Deepen your knowledge, track your EV journey progress and find the best solutions available for you all in one place. Your electric future awaits, and Lectrium is here to guide you every step of the way!

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