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Hyundai Kona SE 2023

The Kona EV is Hyundai's smaller all-electric SUV giving drivers a satisfying ride, appealing exterior design and a turbo engine

$ 33,550 (MSRP)






mi / kWh

battery size



charging time *

Level 1
21 h 20 min
Level 2
5 h 20 min

* Charging a vehicle from 20% to 80%




0-60 speed



max speed



charging time *

Level 1
21 h 20 min
Level 2
5 h 20 min

* Charging a vehicle from 20% to 80%


The Kona EV is a small SUV with a cute exterior design and a fun, personality echoing its fuel-powered cousin. Despite its small size it has a long range and zippy performance. The Kona EV comes with SE, SEL and Limited trims. The SE trim comes with connectivity options such as an 8-inch interative interface, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Drive Assist functions are limited to Safe Exit Warning which prevents door opening if traffic is incoming. The SEL trim has a larger touchscreen with navigation, sunroof, wireless device charging and Hyundai's Digital Key to open the car from a smartphone. The Limited trim includes high specification audio, cruise control, heated steering wheel and leather seats.

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Charging your Hyundai Kona
Level 1
Charging time
21 hours 20 minutes
What is a Level 1 EV charger?

A Level 1 EV charger uses a standard 110 Volts household electrical outlet to charge an electrical vehicle. It is the slowest type of EV charging option and typically adds 2-5 miles of range per hour of charging. Most electric cars come with this charger in the trunk. You should make sure to keep this charger in your trunk for when you don’t have Level 2 or Level 3 chargers available.

Level 2
Charging time
5 hours 20 minutes
What is a Level 2 EV charger?

A Level 2 EV charger is the perfect solution for home charging convenience. Level 2 chargers can charge your electric vehicle up to 6x faster than a Level 1 charger, allowing you to get back on the road in no time. These chargers are compatible with all electric vehicles on the market and can be installed in your garage or driveway.

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